TOP like pan handling as the show girls in Vegas get off of a shift.
You'd rather be a fan, a friend of business associate but you need money. it's showbiz, and it can be draining. Though I used to rent space in front of one of the abandoned buildings next to Museum of Modern Art for a couple of years the scene got too seedy and discovered New york's own little Rodeo Drive. West Broadway between Houston and Broome is a mecca for people who wanna be... and sometimes are.


Larry was my friend and neighbor for over 20 years. I made this slide show for him. I can't believe he's gone and I know many of his friends feel the same. This is not the place to say much, I just wanted this here for those who want to remember. To see it, click on the link below. If you want a full-screen copy, email me. And visit the blog if you want to comment or share a memory. It's not done, but you can get started.

Click on the link below and this will take you to the slide show

Street artists on West Broadway are feeling shock, anger and worry after Councilmember Alan Gerson’s recent bombshell announcement to them that proposed regulations would either restrict their numbers or relocate them outside the area to a pier or vacant lot.

But Gerson insists that he has not yet decided upon a concrete proposal.

“We have a task force that is going to make recommendations later on in March,” Gerson said. “The task force is considering a range of recommendations to relieve sidewalk overcrowding, including several recommendations put forward by artist vendors themselves. It’s too premature to comment on any particular suggestions.”


He was a rebel in every sense of the word, and paid the price for it, but in doing so has left behind a body of work that will not go unnoticed.


Street Artists Win 2ND Major Federal Appeals Court Ruling July 15, 2003

Robert Lederman, President ARTIST (Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics)

The 2nd circuit Federal Appeals Court has just issued a ruling in Lederman et al v Giuliani completely in favor of the street artists (see ruling below). The ruling deals with the Parks Department artist-permit, which a lower Federal court (Judge Lawrence M. McKenna) overturned in August 2001. This lawsuit has two parts, the Parks artist permit issue and a different issue -- involving Mayor Giuliani targeting Robert Lederman and other members of ARTIST for false arrest at protests throughout the City.


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  • 10 Jan 1977
    Painted Women 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

    L.A. Willette @ Westbeth Painters Space

  • 09 Nov 1978
    Waiting for the Dough 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

    A new play by Lawrence Willette. Thurs thru Sat at 11 p.m. 11/9-25 (no perf on Thanksgiving). $3 (691-2272).

  • 05 Sep 1979
    Destined Arts Inc. 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

    Westbeth Painter's Gallery presents New Paintings & Drawings L.A. Willette P. Micheal Laura Rudin Phil Cody September 5 - October 5, 1979 Opening at 9.00 p.m.

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